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We Make Unemployed Loans for Bad Credit Easy!

We are looking at two problems:

One, you have probably been unemployed or are not presently working because you’re taking a break.

Two, you suffer from a bad or very bad credit score.

This issue is not your problem only. Hundreds and thousands of people are going through the same complication at this very moment you are reading these lines. To help you (and them), we bring a solution in the form of an unemployed loan for bad credit.

Here is what we assure you by the loan.

  • We won’t decline your loan application, irrespective of your credit score
  • You will receive lending support from us comprehensively and without paying anything extra
  • During the whole process, you also gain direct lender counselling AS A BONUS

But what is this loan in general?

Plainly put, a personal loan for the unemployed with bad credit scores is an unsecured loan. It is meant for people going through temporary work leave or a job loss and simultaneously experiencing bad or very poor credit score issues. With this loan, you no longer need to worry about collateral. You are also free to use the money in any way you like.

Make Unemployed Loans for Bad Credit Easy

Based on the income statement and the original requirements for money, one can get a loan sanctioned from us anytime. Let us know how much you need, and you will experience our lending processes to guide you through it.

Bottom line: We will not decline the loan. You are going to get it from us for sure.

Why do You Get an Unemployed Bad Credit Loan with No Income?

Borrowers with no job and income face this problem the most. It is correct that certain financial institutions wouldn’t agree to lend you money if you have recently lost a job or have no earnings.

The involvement of a bad or poor credit score aggravates this complication even further. Some lenders might face obstacles in lending you because of the ‘dual’ nature of the problem (unemployment and bad credit score).

We made it easier for you when you want an unemployed bad credit loan because you probably have very important or unavoidable financial needs.

Here is how we make it possible:

  • This loan is available when you share with us the date of resuming your work and your salary.
  • You can take out a loan if you have already spoken with your next employer. You must produce paperwork that proves you are resuming work and pay on a mandatory basis.
  • If you are working part-time/ freelance and can promise us repayment by the income from these ventures, you are welcome for a loan.
  • We will surely lend you money if you are unemployed but are receiving benefits. Show us the paperwork, and the loan is yours.
  • This loan is also possible if you have no job but are running a business with an expected revenue generation.

Wondering what documents you need to get the loan? Well, here they are given below:

  • For Resuming Work: Valid documentation from your employer with the date of resuming work and a written statement of your salary amount.
Get an Unemployed Bad Credit Loan with No Income
  • For an Upcoming Full-Time Job: The Offer Letter with a Written Statement of Income and a Valid Address of the Employer.
  • For Part-time or Freelancing Jobs: An Experience Letter or the Offer Letter (for new jobs) along with documents producing authentic information about your employer.
  • For Benefits: All the paperwork related to your benefits program and a clear statement of the amount earned.
  • For Business: Clearly expressed documents related to revenue generation and business sales with clear amounts.

To lend you a loan for the unemployed with bad credit scores, we have validated any professional statement that produces proof of a stable income.

We will check if you can pay the instalments in time. We must determine if doing so keeps your essential expenses and lifestyle unaffected or the least affected.

Once these points are checked and verified, we will take less than 10 minutes to lend the money to you.

The jobs we accept are:

  • An upcoming job
  • Part-time jobs
  • Freelancing
  • Business or Entrepreneurial Ventures

However, why would you choose a loan for people with bad credit and unemployment?

There are other options. Well, find out the answer in the next point.

What Issues Can You Solve by an Unemployed Bad Credit Loan?

Many borrowers have shared their stories with us. We have realised that the lack of a job and a bad credit score can challenge your financial life. People already suffer financial problems even if they have a good income for increased living costs and poor savings.

When your income goes missing, and your credit score goes downhill, you will naturally face more complications.

These include:

  • Paying more penalties and credit card bills for a low credit score.
  • Facing issues in paying bills for urgent needs such as food, medications and power supply.
  • Not having the least opportunity to save cash.
  • Compromising the quality of life and the services you use.

You will get stressed in this condition. Getting a new job in these circumstances isn’t easy too. Take out a loan for the unemployed with bad credit and make life easier. Check the next point to learn more about that.

How Does a Loan for the Unemployed with Bad Credit Help You?

You can call a personal loan of this sort a one loan with many advantages. This loan not only helps you fund projects but also assists in developing the quality of your financial life.

Most importantly, a loan for the unemployed with a bad credit score BUYS YOU TIME to pay your unavoidable bills and gives you backup till you resume working.

Here is how a loan can help you:

Take care of emergencies such as medical bills or repair work. It is because you get these loans easily and quickly. Buy some time to focus on your reemployment with this loan. It will help you pay bills, thereby maintaining the quality of life for a particular period.
Manage debts faster in case you have any at the time of your unemployment. Improve your credit score by taking out the loan and repaying us following the correct regulations.

How an Unemployed Bad Credit Loan Improves Your Score?

Well, you can take out this loan not just for funding expenses but also for developing your credit score simultaneously.

We offer a loan for bad credit scores, not just to fund your money. We also have a purpose. That purpose is to assist and guide you in a flawless repayment term that keeps your finances organised. This factor produces a positive effect on your financial life as well as your credit score

Here’s how we do that for you:

  • Take out a bad credit loan for the unemployed in the amount you need.
  • Make your pending credit card payments or pay credit card debts to improve your credit score.
  • Pay us the loan back in time to improve your credit score even more.

Wasn’t that helpful? Well, it is time to inform you how to take it from us easily.

an Unemployed Bad Credit Loan Improves Your Score

How a Loan for the Unemployed with Bad Credit Works

As a direct lender, we have to explain to you the ways by which this loan works for you.

  • Borrow the Money

    You can borrow anywhere from 1000 pounds to 5000 pounds. If you want to go for a SMALLER AMOUNT and a SHORTER TERM when you know your next employment is fixed, you can take out a payday loan for the unemployed with bad credit scores. In this option, you can pay us back the loan amount on your next payday (when you get your salary for your new employment).

  • Check Your Credit Score

    We will require making a soft credit check. We do this to record your financial behaviour, and that’s it. However, you may also get a loan of this kind with no credit check if you’re not a credit card holder, i.e. you don’t use a credit card. We may also consider this if you are a first-time borrower and your income statement (however applicable) is stable.

  • Take out the Loan and Learn to Repay It

    After we disburse the loan amount, you need to know that repaying the loan is easy. We offer you a term length from 12 months to 36 months (apart from the payday loan, of course). Choose a suitable interest rate from the flexible options we have for you to maximise your savings. We are again offering you diverse instalment modes that are fortnightly, weekly or monthly. This is to help you be more relaxed in repaying.

Added to that, we will always help you every moment with our professional approaches in the form of counselling.

That is why you need to talk to us FRANKLY.

What Is a ‘Bad’ Credit Score for an Unemployed Loan?

Your credit score does matter when you are taking out a loan that involves it. Borrowers can misinterpret a credit score. You may term a very poor credit score as bad and vice versa.

You need to check the present credit score status to clear this confusion and have zero doubts before taking out a loan for bad credit and the unemployed. You also have to follow official credit card standards maintained in the UK.

According to Experian, the credit score standards are mentioned below:

  • Bad credit score: 720 – 561
  • Very Bad/ Poor credit score: 560 – 0

If you see your credit score matching the range found in the latter option, you can try knowing about loans for very poor credit we offer as an alternative.

Do I Get a Bad Credit Unemployed Loan with No Guarantor?

If you want this particular loan from us without a guarantor, we can say ‘yes’ to that for you. A person who is unemployed and suffering from a poor credit score requires a fast loan.

This is where we know that a guarantor for a loan may turn to lend quite lengthy.

It is because we have to check your and the guarantor's financial statements and other documentation. This verification process will take a lot of time.

Besides, the guarantor may suffer financial problems during the term. They might face other complications in life, which can affect loan terms. As a direct lender, we have also designed personalised no guarantor loans for the unemployed with bad credit issues.

To say about these perks, in a nutshell, can state:

  • You will get a faster loan
  • Your financial terms will stay more organised
  • You can enjoy a good relationship with the person or institution you otherwise consider a guarantor.

But what special (and unavoidable) perks do we, direct lenders, have for you in store? Find that out in the next point.

Why You Will Like Borrowing from Us?

We are a direct lender, working with various borrowers in the industry for a long time. Yes, we have been successful in assisting them exceptionally.

These points below might be a few special reasons you'll like to work with us.

We lend money, and then our work gets more intensified. By careful approaches to learning borrowers’ needs, we have made ourselves professionally responsible and available. You don’t need to concern about other charges or hidden fees. From the moment you speak with us, we will share everything about our loan terms with nothing held back.
Creating a flexible solution for our borrowers is our key interest in the loan for the unemployed with bad credit and the other loans we offer. If you are following the right guidelines in maintaining the loan terms, we might as well reward you with attractive offers you’ll love.

We have the solution to the pangs of unemployment and bad credit scores. Choose that solution for you by clicking on the application form.


Will I be considered for a loan if I am unemployed with a bad credit score?

We will offer you a loan even if you are not working and suffer a bad credit score. If you can promise to repay us from your next employment or side hustles such as a part-time job, freelancing or business, you will get the loan.

Who gives loans to people who are unemployed with bad credit history?

A direct lender is an answer you are looking for. We are one of them, making these loans even easier and more accessible with our responsible approaches.

Can I avail a loan with earning no income?

Sure you can. You need to tell us how much you need and how you agree to pay us the loan terms back. We welcome part-time jobs to benefit programs to future employment and many other options. Let us know what you choose, and your loan will be right away.

I Receive Benefits. Can I Apply for a loan?

Of course! This is a very common way many unemployed people with a bad credit profile credit score get a loan. Produce the documents of your benefits program and amount to get loan approval from us in less than 10 minutes.

How Much Can I Borrow?

With us, you are allowed to borrow till 5000 pounds. We also deem it necessary to inform you that we have flexible loan terms from 12 months to 36 months. You can check other loan options, such as a payday loan for bad credit for the unemployed.

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